Solstice Home Fragrance Diffuser

Solstice Home Fragrance Diffuser


Fresh and floral top notes of lime blossom and gardenia, with just a hint of rainwater, our Solstice fragrance was created to help spark inspiration on the nights where you have a few extra hours to burn.

Housed in a beautiful glass jar topped with a gold lid, our eight-reed diffuser is designed to fill small to medium spaces with a long-lasting scent. At 200ml, it should last for approximately six months of continuous use.

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Taking Care

The natural reeds will absorb the oil and fill your room with a long-lasting fragrance, so there is no need to turn your reeds. However, some people like to turn the reeds in their diffusers for a temporary scent boost.

Keep your fragrance diffuser away from drafts (doorways, windows, fans, air conditioning, etc.). This will ensure your reed diffuser reaches its full life expectancy.

Always use care when opening and moving your diffuser so as not to spill as the fragrance oil may damage certain types of delicate surfaces and fabrics. Be sure to store your diffuser where animals and tiny hands can’t reach it.