Eclipse Hot/Cold Compress Bag

Eclipse Hot/Cold Compress Bag


Our lightly-scented linen Eclipse compress has been designed to help soothe and heal. Use it cold from the freezer for pain, swelling, bruises or sprains, or warm from the microwave to ease muscle aches and stiffness.

At room temperature, it has just enough weight to provide gentle, relaxing compression over the eye area when you have a migraine or are having trouble falling to sleep.

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We Love Linen

Our heavyweight linen has a lovely earthy feel, which starts off crisp but softens beautifully in time with wear. The flax plant, from which the fibres are harvested, consumes far less water than cotton and requires fewer chemicals and pesticides to produce, making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious.

Taking Care

Spot-clean only with a damp sponge. Store in a clean, dry location that’s free from animals that might like to nibble.

Safety Always

It is recommended to put a mug with some water in it in the microwave at the same time as you heat your pack. Without it, your pack could possibly burn, catch fire, or damage your microwave.

When heating your pack for the first time, microwave it at a low setting in 30-second intervals and check it after each interval until you learn how long it takes to warm it without scorching.


While we’ve tried our best to match the true colours of our linen goods in our photos, please be aware that some monitors may display colours differently and they may not be the same on your screen as they are in real life.