Nocturne pays homage to the things that keep us up at night. We are inspired by the relentless pursuit of art, those creatives who are driven by their passion beyond conventional hours, the ones who are up burning the midnight oil.

Our objects have been created to enhance the space where you let your passion loose, vessels to hold your tools or fuel or inspiration, and adornments that reflect your state of mind. Each of our products has been lovingly made by hand with materials that are meant to stand the test of time, intended to remain beautiful and useful long after night has fallen on us for good.

Our studio in the heart of Auckland stemmed from that same stir-crazed passion to make and create, and a desire to be surrounded by beautiful things while doing it. We are lovers and dreamers with a taste for items with an elegant and minimalist aesthetic, and we hold the belief that those things should come from as local a source as possible. Each of our handcrafted artifacts is made from New Zealand leather, clay, and fabrics with as little energy use and waste as possible.